5 Things: Margaret\’s Operatic Halloween Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week kind of like a certain hitchhiker (who was incredibly lucky… and should never do that, again!). But, even if Thor didn\’t take you for a ride in his helicopter (and you\’re understandably jealous), it is Friday and time for another \”5 Things.\” Enjoy!

1) So, this is a reprise of This American Life from a few years ago but no less hilarious! Take a famous composer and an opera singer with an unusual story… It\’s just that good.

2) Using 11 years worth of data, we now know the top three favorite Halloween treats by state. Candy Corn? Really?! C\’mon, New Mexico! My tastes tend to run more along the lines of Colorado. And one has to wonder how Sour Patch Kids got so popular in the Northeast. Interesting stuff! What\’s your favorite Halloween candy?

3) Massachusettes experienced some scary weather this week with a waterspout/tornado in the Cape Cod Canal. It must have been positively frightening to drive over that bridge!

4) As it turns out, Judy Blume has sold the rights to Are You There, God? It\’s Me, Margaret for a film. I\’m curious to see how the book is interpreted for modern audiences (it was written in 1970). It\’s one of the books that my grandmother sent me years ago to read and, although it\’s not my favorite book of all time, has a special place in my memory.

5) There\’s a lot to be said for \”going with your gut\” these days. One mom trusted her instincts and prevented a likely tragedy. Sad and triumphant all at once but a good lesson to us all.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Oh, wait! Let\’s not leave this on a downer… some adorable dolphins for your enjoyment. Now, that\’s all… Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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