Advent Calendar 2018: Day 12

Good morning! This morning I wanted to share a beautiful piece published in The Tully Times on December 31, 1942. Regardless of the year, the words still ring true. Sadly, the clipping is a bit blurry, but there is a typed transcript below:

\”The Season\’s Greetings

This Christmas may differ from the usual, buoyant, joyful spirit of other years, yet no matter how heavily our own individual horizon may be clouded with sorrow and anxiety our Christian faith enables us to see the penetration of the brightness of that far away star to assure us that the teaching of the \’Prince of Peace\’ shall rule again. \’Peace on Earth\’ is not an empty term… the Divine fulfillment is certain to come and the Dove of Peace shall yet spread its wings over us all.
And so, with a prayer in our hearts for Divine blessings upon our boys in the Service, and for the spark of the Spiritual Peace to brighten your own path with its rays of light and hope, we extend to all our sincere greetings for this Christmas season.
May God\’s rich blessings be on your share in full measure during the New Year.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Baldwin\”

May God\’s rich blessings be on your share in full measure, indeed!

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