Advent Calendar 2019: Day 25

Good morning, friends! The big day is finally here. A time to be grateful for the incredible gift of a Savior.  And, yes, today we can even give thanks for Aunt Penny who insists upon reminding us that we\’re going gray. Or Cousin Mike who has already decimated the gingerbread house that you spent allContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2019: Day 25”

Advent Calendar 2019: Day 24

Good morning and Happy Christmas Eve! A reverent, spine-tingling version of the \”Carol of the Bells\” seemed in order today. The song was popular at Christmas Eve mass when I was a child and the choir always did an incredible job whether singing or with handbells. These young men have some exceptional voices as wellContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2019: Day 24”

Advent Calendar 2019: Day 23

Good morning! One of my favorite Christmas traditions is a set of records (actual vinyl… gasp!) that my parents bought many moons ago. The albums contain Christmas classics from the likes of everyone from Doris Day to Liberace. A family favorite is the tune of \”Sleigh Ride\” arranged for an orchestra. Although I couldn\’t findContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2019: Day 23”

Advent Calendar 2019: Day 22

Good morning and tonight Happy Chanukah to our Jewish friends! Speaking of Chanukah, when was the last time that you read the history of the 8 days? If you prefer the history to music with a Star Wars twist, be sure to check out these guys! In keeping with the Jewish Festival of Lights, here isContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2019: Day 22”

Advent Calendar 2019: Day 19

Good morning! It\’s Friday Eve and Christmas is creeping (or sprinting) ever closer. At the office this week, we all talked about abbreviated schedules so that everyone can have some family time. That seemed to make it more real that Christmas was actually less than a week away. In the last week, we had aContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2019: Day 19”

Advent Calendar 2019: Day 18

Good morning! It\’s Hump Day and a week until Christmas. The years go by so quickly now that it seems to defy reason. Remember when we were children and kept thinking that Christmas (or our birthdays) would never come? The following comes from The Book of Christmas Hymns published in 1868. The first line \”Almighty FramerContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2019: Day 18”

Advent Calendar 2019: Day 17

Good morning! To celebrate a true Tutu Tuesday, check out the Waltz of the Snowflakes by some really talented dancers of the Perm Ballet in Russia. This version of The Nutcracker is one of my favorites because they do unison and canon dancing extremely well. There is a lot of precision. Also, the narrative ofContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2019: Day 17”

Advent Calendar 2019: Day 16

Good morning! It\’s Monday but never fear, here\’s a little funny for you to get through the day. You obviously needed more Muppets in your life on a #MusicMonday. Enjoy the \”Ringing of the Bells\” featuring the mismatched trio of Animal, Beaker, and the Swedish Chef: Have a wonderful day, everyone!