5 Things: A Little NFL Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week despite another cold snap that seems to have overtaken parts of the US. It will be spring soon enough… I hope! Fortunately, it is Friday and we\’re gearing up for another \”5 Things.\” Hope you enjoy them (and watch the videos someplace that you can laugh out loud).

1) This was my favorite Super Bowl commercial by a longshot because it was very clever: \”It\’s official: you can\’t eat wheat bread.\” Hilarious! Kudos to SimpliSafe! Now, if only SimpliSafe could get rid of creepy neighbors… hmmm.

2) The NFL 100 commercial was a lot of fun, too. All those guys were really good sports… a little sorry about the cake, though. Behind the scenes, you\’ll see that they really went for it. Wow!

3) Also, love that Amazon got in on the act again this year… because some things just shouldn\’t have Alexa!

4) Comedian Dwayne Perkins hits the nail on the head with his \”friend zone\” set.  (\”Seasonal hiring\” haha!) Funny because it\’s all true!

5) The Bee on Masked Singer this week was pretty, darn incredible. (I know, I know… stop it with the weird show, already!) But, seriously, this was a better rendition than the original in my view. My family believes The Bee is Gladys Knight. What do you think? (Sorry in advance for Dr. Ken who was pretty, darn annoying… feel free to stop the video after the song ends).

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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