5 Things: V-Dance Edition

Happy Friday and a belated Happy Valentine\’s Day! Hope you all had a great week even if your coworkers didn\’t give you an amusing award. We had a lot of fun at the office this week to poke a little fun at ourselves. But even if your office wasn\’t nearly as fun or you really over-did things with the Valentine\’s Day chocolates, we\’ve reached Friday! And you know that means another \”5 Things.\” Hope you enjoy!

1) Journalist D. Parvaz shared a very moving story for The Moth this month. One has to admire that she survived imprisonment in Syria of all places and yet continues to report the goings-on in the Middle East. Brave woman! Lesser folks definitely would have taken up residence in a cabin in the woods and never spoken to anyone else again.

2) According to Country Living, there are 5 countries ideal for introverts. Oddly enough, Russia appears at slot #1. It isn\’t usually the first destination that you would consider. Maybe the arts and historical pursuits of the country would be ideal for an introvert who would rather watch a ballet or visit Red Square than mingle with the locals. Hmmm…

3) Anne of Green Gables is getting her own ballet! Ballet Jorgen of Canada has turned the beloved novel into a ballet that they plan to take on the road in their home country and the US. Translating Anne into choreography must have been a lot of fun. She\’s such an impish, energetic character that it was an ingenious move on their part.

4) The idea of teaching math and geometry through dance and music is also ingenious. Especially for those creatives to whom geometry might as well be theoretical physics. Speaking from personal experience, of course.

5) Historians at the University of York uncovered a truly amusing tale: A medieval nun who faked her own death in order to escape the convent. And people think nuns living boring lives! Someone should make that one into a film. 🙂

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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