5 Things: Boring-est Lunch Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or, maybe, just a marginally better week than these folks. (Aunt Becky? No!!!) It does make me wonder if these kids could have gotten in on their own and how betrayed they probably feel right about now. And then there\’s the rest of us who had to toil away to college admittance the old-fashioned way…

But that\’s enough pondering more of the world\’s wrongs than we need to do for now. It\’s Friday, friends! Let\’s bask in the glow of the rising weekend and check out another \”5 Things\” while we\’re at it. Enjoy!

1) Sorry, non-boy band fans, but I had to share this one because the video is kind of cute: New Kids On the Block (NKOB!) singing \”Boys In the Band\” with a little \”history of boy bands\” classroom session all mixed-in. I think we now know what Jordan Knight will look like when he\’s older. Yes, both teachers are familiar faces… see if you can guess!

2) Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior fame has designed a series of ballet costumes in tribute to Philip Glass. There\’s no doubt that they are gorgeous in person. I wonder if this will be the beginning of a trend? Versace? Prada?

3) Here\’s something interesting: Matpakke, otherwise known as a traditional, Norwegian lunch. I rarely hear anything about food in Norway and the reason is pretty clear after this video. It makes you thankful for plain, old turkey sandwiches. Surprisingly, a lot of the video comments on this one are worth a look, too… hilarious!

4) A professor at Miami University thinks employers \”blew it\” with millennial workers. It\’s a good read to be sure. I think my only concern overall is that we\’re preparing young people less and less for adulthood and the workforce. Employers need to be able to adapt a little but not at the expense of professionalism. A lot to think about!

5) Have you taken the 5 Love Languages test lately? Fortunately, they now have one for singles! Very enlightening tool and a great conversation-starter with family and friends whether you\’re in a committed relationship or not.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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