5 Things: Leap for Kindness Edition

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope you all had a great week sort of like the millions of graduates around the country this week. Time to move on to an exciting time in your lives. Congrats, all!

AND it\’s Friday! Hopefully, most of you also get to enjoy a long weekend. That\’s always a nice treat, isn\’t it? Here\’s another nice treat for you, too… Enjoy another \”5 Things!\”

1) You know that you just needed to watch some joyful, leaping goat kids today. Their energy is enviable right about this time of the week. I know, I know… As Babbo says: \”You and those goats!\” (insert eye-roll here) I just can\’t help it. They are so cute! 😍

2) This random act of kindness is definitely one for the books!

3) A friend recently shared this awesome recipe: Teff and Sorghum Cherry Bars. My friend did recommend a different veg-based oil than the olive oil… maybe coconut or canola? In case you\’re wondering what teff is, there\’s an explanation here. I can\’t wait to try these babies… maybe at a Memorial Day barbecue!

4) I LOVE this: Pennsylvania has enacted a 1-4-3 day in honor of their \”kindest citizen\” Mr. Rogers! It\’s amazing how one man\’s legacy lives on in such a meaningful way.

5) In honor of our veterans this Memorial Day, here is the episode Semper Fi from the podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking. It makes me wish that I had asked my grandfathers more questions when they were still among us.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Thank a veteran this weekend and be sure to tell someone \”thank you for your service.\” I know that some of you don\’t like this but sometimes we-the collective civilian \”we\”-do need to be reminded that you\’re doing a hard job that we couldn\’t do ourselves. Thank you!

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