5 Things: Uber Q Sensation Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like one 7-year-old whose job application went viral. Just 10 and some change years to go, bud! Well, even if the only good thing about this week is the fact that it is (finally) Friday, I have you covered. Sit back and check out another \”5 Things\” to get you through the day. Enjoy!

1) OneRepublic appeared on the Tonight Show last week to perform their latest single \”Rescue Me.\” This is one of those bands that is consistently thinking about what they put on their albums. Not to mention consistently awesome even playing live!

2) Uber Driver Lauren Mulvihill went above and beyond for an elderly veteran in Stockbridge, GA. Tear-jerker warning on this one but how inspiring that all these people pitched in! Maybe this story can serve as a reminder for the rest of us to keep an eye out for vulnerable veterans and the elderly.

3) Reynolds Wrap wants to pay one lucky barbecue aficionado $5K per week to find the best ribs in the US. I foresee a greatly-improved financial situation and a tummy ache for whoever lands this gig.

4) Yet another factor can help you be happy at work. The history of this discovery is just as interesting. Where do you fall on the sensation seeking scale?

5) It is both appalling and enlightening to learn how far spread human trafficking is in modern history. Please pray for these women, for brave people of their home countries to step up to rescue them, and for traditional families around the world to exercise discernment when they choose grooms for their vulnerable daughters.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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