5 Things: Costco Salmon Tart Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like a man whose life was saved by the spectacular feats of some strangers… he was so grateful that he posted signs to thank them! It had to be nice for the folks who rushed to his aid to know that he was alive and well thanks to their quick thinking. Even if you didn\’t see the outcome of your spectacular kindness this week, know that it was appreciated. There will probably a lot more of these inspiring stories in the wave of Hurricane Dorian. Keep those folks in prayer, won\’t you?

Thankfully, it is also Friday and a particularly good one because it\’s a long weekend for some of us. That also means a nice edition of \”5 Things\” to tide you over while you wait for the clock to get on over to 5 already. Enjoy!

1) An oldie but a goodie… we all needed to see the salmon cannon again this week. You\’re welcome!

2) Free advertising for Southwest Airlines (or at least the gate crew in Orlando): Recently, a flight was delayed but a certain gate agent had a genius idea to keep everyone occupied. Having had outstanding interactions with Southwest employees in Orlando, I am not surprised. Once, they even held a connecting flight for me because it was the last one to NY that night. Great bunch of folks!

3) Costco decided to try its hand at the Asian market this week by opening a store outside of Shanghai. The most interesting part is that things got a little wild and they had to close only hours later! It sounds like one store is definitely not enough.

4) Check out one of the coolest spray paint artists that you will ever see! What looks like a bunch of lines and some stencils turns into a work of art that will blow your mind. Wowza!

5) This No-Bake Caramel & Peanut Chocolate Tart looks like it could be a lot of fun with some kids to help. Probably subbing the peanuts for graham cracker crumbs or crisped rice for a little crunch, too. I also love the concept of making it in a tiny apartment kitchen because not everyone has a gourmet kitchen and a staff to help clean up. You can find the full recipe here. Brilliant!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful (long) weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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