5 Things: Gold Warrior Ballet Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great week kind of like Alex Trebek who got some love from his contestants this week. And if you didn\’t get love or appreciation from someone this week, let me tell you how much it means that you take time out of your Friday to check out \”5 Things.\” You guys rock! 

1) In honor of Veteran\’s Day, the local PBS station aired a really intriguing documentary about Native Americans in the military called The Warrior Tradition. Did you know that as many as 18% of Native Americans go into the military? That\’s a higher percentage than any other people group in the United States. The points in this video that really resonated were the ceremonies to send off their warriors and then welcome them home. Society as a whole could learn a lot from this practice of honoring warriors.

2) Alex from Reply All was in New Mexico and didn\’t even call! This week the team featured an interesting \”rabbit hole\” type episode where photoshopped UFOs lead to a whole lot more. I can just see them driving up and down Cerrillos Road that does not exactly have a lot to offer by way of points of interest. Great listen if you have time today!

3)  Now here\’s some excellent news: The women who inspired the book and film Hidden Figures have been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for their contributions to NASA and the space race. Well-deserved!

4) The Australian Ballet made a clever video of their dancers going through an obstacle course. Think of it as ballet meets an OK Go video. And don\’t try this at home… Ha!

5) And the age-old question is finally answered: Can four Parkour experts hack it in gymnastics? Parkour translated itself better in some areas than others. On the flip side, you can watch the gymnasts try their hands at Parkour, too!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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