5 Things: Dog and Donut Show Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with no grumpy relatives and plenty of delicious leftovers. We had a \”White Thanksgiving\” in ABQ yesterday that broke some snow records and inspired some interesting snow creatures and a snowball fight. All very satisfying!

Well, even if Aunt Harriet criticized your mashed potatoes for being too lumpy (which she does to everyone whether founded or not) and your mooch of a cousin took all the leftover turkey home, it is Friday, my friends. We\’ve survived another family holiday with a whole weekend to detox. Oh, yes, and here\’s another \”5 Things\” to get you through the day. Enjoy!

1) Why Southerners don\’t need any of that fancy Tupperware stuff. I\’m sharing this for a couple of people who can definitely relate!

2) There\’s an interesting story involved with how the National Dog Show ended up as a Thanksgiving tradition. Surprisingly, those handlers are not actually forced to forego Thanksgiving dinner in favor of a competition. Good read! By the way, What Dog Breed Are You? is a rather fun quiz. I\’m apparently a St. Bernard. What about you?

3) A misdirected text message turns into a great friendship. And this is several years running now! It\’s a very cute story. If only all misdirected texts were so fruitful. At one time (for several months, no less) someone kept texting me because they thought that I was their neighbor. They just would not accept that I was not their neighbor named \”Lovey.\” (Perhaps this Lovey was a jokester?) Sadly, there were no dinner invites but I\’m sure that I wouldn\’t have been as gutsy as that young man if there had!

4) Let\’s have a moment of silence for the donuts lost in the Krispy Kreme truck accident. Alas, sweet donuts, your death was not in vain. You gave some law enforcement officers the highlight of their collective day.

5)  This group put together a pretty cool compilation of dance from 1950-2019. They are very talented and this gives me something to do to work off all those mashed potatoes!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Note: This is the last \”5 Things\” of the decade. Sunday kicks off an Advent Calendar and then we\’ll catch up again in 2020!

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