Advent Calendar 2019: Day 2

Happy Monday! (More like \”Ugh-Monday\” but we\’re trying to be positive here!) Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to hit the ground running today. Even if it means that a little caffeine courage is required… or a lot!

It was today in 1982 that the first permanent artificial (Jarvik 7) heart was implanted in a 61-year-old dentist. He lived for another 112 days. That was likely 112 days longer than he would have lived had there been no transplant. His condition was terminal but the artificial heart allowed him to celebrate his 39th wedding anniversary as well as another birthday. Those extra days were an incredible gift to him and his family.

When you think about it, all humans have a terminal condition. The only difference to the dentist is that many of us have no idea when that final day may come whether 112 days from now or many years in the future. Our days are numbered but there is One who can give us eternity.

As corny as that sounds, this isn\’t the god of those televangelists who refuse to fly on commercial airlines or that college dormmate of yours who told you that you were going to Hell. (I\’d wager that those folks don\’t quite get the message of the Gospel.) This is the God of the universe who offers a cure for our human, terminal illness in exchange for something less costly than an insurance deductible: belief.

Shoving aside the terrible ambassadors for the faith (Lord knows that all of us suck at one time or another), consider the words of the man himself in John 5:24. If you just take Jesus at his word, you\’ll know that none of that stuff that has been shoved down your throat in the past even matters. You don\’t need to wear long skirts, give up your favorite pale ale, or even change your political affiliation. Just let the Great Surgeon heal your heart of whatever may ail you. What have you got to lose?

With that in mind, \”It\’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…\”

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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