Advent Calendar 2019: Day 11

Good morning and happy #HumpDay! Halfway through the week, my friends.

This time of the year, our family is gearing up for a Saturday of cookie baking with the kids. It\’s reminiscent of when my grandmother was alive and we would take a whole afternoon to help her make Cuccidati (fig cookies) among others. These beloved recipes were brought from Sicily by my great-grandmother who had never really written the instructions down until my grandmother (her daughter-in-law) took notes one year.

While planning for our annual \”Christmas Cookie Extravaganza\” this year, I stumbled across some fancy Christmas cookies from NYT. You can find the recipes here. The Marbled Tahini Cookies look especially good. The family loves halvah and these could be an excellent treat for Christmas… maybe a new Christmas tradition!

Of course, nothing can take the place of our favorite sugar cookie recipe. Half the fun of baking with the kids in the family is using cookie cutters and copious amounts of colored royal icing.  
Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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