Advent Calendar 2019: Day 14

Good morning, it\’s Saturday!

Today is actually Roast Chestnuts Day. Growing up my parents would tell of roasted chestnut vendors in New York City. As a result, my siblings and I had a magical fascination with what they must taste like. We lived mostly in South Carolina and so our area of expertise was limited to boiled peanuts.

One year the family ventured north to see our relatives and were pleasantly surprised to find roasted chestnuts at last! Sadly, they must have been a bad batch because none of us liked them. It was pretty hilarious and a funny story to tell about children\’s imaginations.

And who better to celebrate with today than Nat King Cole? I know that people will probably beg to differ but his version of \”The Christmas Song\” is my absolute favorite. It just sounds like the perfect soundtrack for trimming the Christmas tree on a snowy afternoon. Although maybe we\’ll have popcorn instead of chestnuts today…

Have a great day, everyone!

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