Advent Calendar 2019: Day 17

Good morning! To celebrate a true Tutu Tuesday, check out the Waltz of the Snowflakes by some really talented dancers of the Perm Ballet in Russia.

This version of The Nutcracker is one of my favorites because they do unison and canon dancing extremely well. There is a lot of precision. Also, the narrative of the story is very clear. While I love new interpretations of the beloved story, sometimes the original Nutcracker gets lost. In my view, there is such a thing as going \”too modern\” with a 100+ year-old ballet.

And I\’m stepping down off of my rosin-dusted soapbox now!

For comparison sake, you can check out the Royal Ballet\’s version where all the snowflakes wear blonde wigs! The Royal Ballet does have a lot more going for it by way of pageantry and special effects on stage.

I wish that I lived closer because this version would be ideal to take children for their first ballet experiences. This year my young cousin saw her first Nutcracker and I was so proud when she enjoyed it (or maybe more relieved… ha!). 

Have a wonderful morning, everyone!

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