5 Things: The Whole Crown Enchilada

Happy first Friday of 2020! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year with some much-deserved rest. It was a nice, quiet Christmas for the Romano clan with no illness this year (Praise God!). As an added bonus, Mum and Babbo made manicotti and meatballs from scratch. Holy Cow! It\’s good to be Italian at Christmastime.

A couple of days off also made a world of difference although it\’s back to the regular schedule now. Well, even if you\’re stuck at work today just like myself, you can check out these \”5 Things\” to get you through the day. Enjoy!

1) As you may have gathered by now, one of my favorite things is Michael McIntyre\’s Great Big Show during the holidays and his \”Send to All\” segment. His latest… er… victim was a particularly good sport. Check out Sharon Osbourne who bore the ribbing quite well but may end up buying plastic surgery for a few friends.

2) Some McDonald\’s employees in California went above and beyond Happy Meals and Fries. They headed the pleas of a customer and got her out of a dangerous situation. I\’m impressed that they were so quick on their feet and made the right choice. Bravo!

3) Allow me to highly recommend Netflix\’s The Crown series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Don\’t let the TV-MA rating fool you, there are a few snippets of risque\’ content here and there (i.e. a particularly distasteful pun in the first episode) but, overall, the show is very engrossing. Half the fun, for me, anyway is figuring out what was fact and what was fiction. (Town and Country Magazine has some helpful articles.)

4) Who knew that pizza could be such a work of art? This pizzamaker\’s ability to combine the family business with his passion for the creative is admirable. Would that we could all be so lucky!

5) Check out this recipe for Breakfast Enchiladas. It\’s just so, darn, cold that a hot breakfast is a nice treat to look forward to. I\’m excited to give these a go with black beans. Yum!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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