5 Things: Delight and Amusement Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like those Kansas City Chiefs who really rocked that Super Bowl!! I think that we can all agree that it\’s nice not to see Tom Brady with that trophy every once in a while. (Sorry, Tom, it just seems like you only have so many fingers left for those massive rings.) Especially when this team has waited 50+ years for a win!

Let\’s carry that sense of elation through this glorious Friday, shall we? Check out \”5 Things\” to amuse and delight you. I promise. Enjoy!

1) The weekly episode for This American Life was called \”The Show of Delights\” based on Ross Gay\’s The Books of Delights (which is en route to my house via Amazon as I type). It was such a lovely idea to talk about things that are delightful and a little validating that \”delights\” should not just be limited to five-year-olds who get to ride the bus for the first time. I hope that you will be just as charmed.

2) Just in case you were wondering the history behind \”I\’m going to Disney World!\” uttered by the winning quarterback in the Super Bowl. Not that Disney really needs to advertise these days… do they? It\’s just a tradition now, I guess. 🙂

3) I just thought this was pretty amusing: A man received 55,000 copies of the same bill AND it was WRONG! Haha. I can just imagine the cost of the postage… and a few \”layoffs\” in the billing department.

4) Speaking of funny things, a single man in Britain decided to avoid online dating in favor of a dating billboard. At least the ladies know that he has a good sense of humor (you can see for yourself on his website). He\’s received over 2200 applications on the last count!

5) Darn! Another traffic jam?! No, it\’s only 99 smartphones in a wagon!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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