5 Things: Every Llama\’s a Critic Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like this family of 10 who was blessed by a restaurant owner\’s incredible generosity. Definitely a decent guy!

Well, even if you weren\’t so blessed (or able to bless someone else) this week, Friday has arrived. Time to cringe when thinking about Daylight Savings Time this weekend and, to take the edge off, check out \”5 Things\” to intrigue, amuse and possibly make you hungry. Enjoy!

1) When your father is a scam artist, you hardly expect him to also be a bit of a genius. At least these are the thoughts that Stacya Shepard Silverman is grappling with in regard to her father Richard Riley Shepard. The podcast episode is an interesting dive into the complexity of the human mind and a folk music historian that you never knew existed.

2) Speaking of interesting stories, This American Life\’s recent episode titled \”Everyone\’s a Critic\” featured some thought-provoking stories: Should an author read Amazon reviews of their book? What happens when your church is a Sunday tourist attraction? Is it possible to remain neutral when reporting the news in China? Is the new film Cats really that bad? All a great listen and highly recommended!

3) You know that you needed some yummy, sprinkly chocolate chip cookies! Maybe they\’ll be a nice treat to look forward to when you\’re dragging yourself out of bed on Monday.

4) Whether or not you\’re a fan of Steve Coogan, the man can mimic Stan Laurel very well!

5) Finally, a man proves that one really must gauge their audience carefully. Especially at your sister\’s wedding. The man said that it was worth the expense, the llama had no comment.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

I write stuff and pretend to be good at crafting. Check out my first novel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nAxiZ4

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