5 Things: We All Need a Mini-Vacay Edition

Happy Friday the 13th! Hope that you\’re all staying healthy and weathering these horrendous pollen counts around the country. Double eww! Let\’s take a \”5 Things\” mini-vacay away from viruses, stock markets, canceled NCAA tournaments and the scarcity of both disinfectant wipes and toilet paper.  Time to kick back and giggle a little… maybe dance a little, too. Enjoy!

1) It\’s James Bond as you\’ve never seen him before: In a Vegas casino with basically every demographic of people whom you\’re likely to meet in Sin City. Pretty, darn hilarious!

2) Here\’s something interesting: Riverdance is turning 25 years old! I remember the first time that I saw the show on PBS with Jean Butler and Michael Flatley. Instant obsession followed. It\’s good to hear that the show is still carrying on!

3) Need a Netflix recommendation this weekend? Check out Spenser Confidential! Mark Wahlberg is a former cop, turned convict, turned freelance crime-fighter who tries to make things right with his sidekick played by Winston Duke (a tall dude!). The film is about action with a good dose of comedy (Alan Arkin plays Wahlberg and Duke\’s mentor). It is rated R but it\’s also a good alternative to Jane Austen if you want to watch a movie with the men in your life. 🙂

4) This has been one crazy season of Masked Singer. (Spoilers ahead if you haven\’t seen the episode and plan to.) I did not even remotely guess that the Bear was a pretty prominent public figure. I think that the song \”Baby Got Back\” by Sir Mix-a-Lot is what threw me off. Good to know that she has an excellent sense of humor! (Warning: It\’s that song… not quite family-friendly but definitely more hilarious when you see who\’s rapping!)

5) Funny story: I like to use Walmart Grocery Delivery when possible. It saves me a lot of time and headaches because shopping just isn\’t my favorite thing. Well, this week they didn\’t have my usual yogurt cups (individual 6-oz) so I ended up with substitutions of two, massive 35-oz containers of Greek Yogurt. While scrambling to figure out what to do with so much yogurt, I rediscovered one of my favorite oatmeal and chocolate chip muffin recipes. (Good for freezing, by the way!) I also see Tzatziki sauce in the future… and maybe a really good reason to make \”healthy\” pancakes. Hmmm… 

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and I pray that you stay well!

P.S.Oh, and just wash your hands… The CDC confirmed that hand sanitizer (and even making your own) isn\’t that great. The best thing is soap and water. Yay! Thankfully, not as scarce as the sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, or TP. Happy thought! (Sorry if that tune gets stuck in your head… clever, though, huh?)

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