Movie Monday: You\’re gonna be able to blink your lips!

Good morning! If you\’ve been looking for another Netflix watch, I think that I have a good one for you. To continue on with Rob Reiner\’s birthday month, let\’s check out First Wives Club adapted from the novel by Olivia Goldsmith! (Look for Olivia\’s cameo toward the beginning of the film.)

The Plot: Three college friends reunite over their friend\’s death and a collective struggle with unfaithful spouses and aging in this 1996 comedy. All three of their husbands (or ex-husbands) are pretty, darn sleazy and so an elaborate plot to exact revenge on them is hatched. Because, you know, when your husband leaves you for your therapist or a woman half his age, it\’s sort of like he\’s asking for it. 

Why You Should Watch: Rob Reiner plays a plastic surgeon who delivers some of the best lines in the film. He\’s perfect! (So are Goldie Hawn\’s overdone lips.)

Also, this is one of the rare films where the actresses who play the younger versions of Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Stockard Channing are spot on. They\’re only briefly in the beginning but great all around. 

A rousing rendition of \”You Don\’t Own Me\” sung by Bette, Goldie, and Diane. Dare you not to sing-a-long!

Oh, yeah, and revenge. Who hasn\’t wanted to make a cheating husband look foolish? Pretty much everybody.

Best Quotes: \”You know, if I give you one more facelift, you\’re gonna be able to blink your lips!\”, \”Shelly the barracuda. She\’s 12.\”, and \”Sean Connery is Monique\’s boyfriend. He\’s 300 years old but he\’s still a stud.\”

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