5 Things: Cabin Fever Edition Week 2

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least managed to stay healthy and to get the TP that you needed. My family and I love to quote a little funny that compares a cat\’s diary to a dog\’s. We\’ve been going around quoting \”Day 983 of my captivity…\” Haha! 

So, yes, it\’s day 12 of my captivity but I\’m fine due to copious amounts of dark chocolate and plenty of books to read. This introvert is doing better than most. The governor of New Mexico (like many others) had officially decided that any non-essential work needs to be put on hold. So, it looks like we\’re in this for the duration. 

Well, hopefully, this week\’s \”5 Things\” (actually, quite a bit more) will bring a little bright spot into your day and our collective \”quarantine.\” Check out what I found interesting this week all brought to you from an acceptable social distance. Enjoy!

1) Major kudos to the extremely talented costume crews who are sewing medical masks! Medical professionals everywhere are strapped for supplies and it\’s wonderful to see everyone pitching in. If you have some extra materials around to donate, the Atlanta Ballet, in particular, is looking for assistance: 

2) 5 Things to watch on YouTube:

1. Celebrity Chef Alton Brown has been doing a \”Pantry Raid\” series that is excellent (that Saltines episode is my fave so far). Because, you know, we\’re all stuck wondering what the heck we\’re going to do with all those random ingredients that we have leftover while the grocery stores are a little sparse. 

2. Well, I think that we\’ve all earned a \”best ever\” mug cake. Don\’t you think?

3. The YouTube channel Postmodern Jukebox brought in special guests The Rembrants to show the evolution of the Friends theme song from the 1920\’s through the 1990\’s. Very well done!

4. Dance out your sillies with The Muppets and \”Cabin Fever.\” 

 5. And get dorky with a \”viral\” parody of some popular music. But, seriously, wash your hands!

3) 5 Things to watch on Netflix:

1. The Red Sea Diving Resort is awesome! Based on true events, the film follows a ragtag group of Israeli Mossad agents who work to free Jewish Ethiopians from persecution in North Africa. Brilliantly done and be sure to watch some of the credits to see photos of the real people and the actual operation(s). 

2. Even if you have seen North and South (an adaptation of the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell), it\’s probably time to watch it again. This is a little bit like a reverse on Pride and Prejudice for the working class if Lizzie\’s father was an academic and Darcy owned a factory in the north of England. Richard Armitage makes this miniseries for me (the intensity and the spot-on accent!). It\’s also worth mentioning that the final scene at the train station is spine-tingly in all the best ways. 

3. If you want to be inspired, definitely watch Self-Made: Inspired By the Life of Madam C.J. Walker. She is one of those people who defied what seemed to be her path in life. We could all learn something from Madam Walker! Octavia Spenser is also fabulous. If she doesn\’t get a nomination of some kind for this one, it would be a major failing.

4. Batman Begins is by far my favorite of the Batman franchise films. This one is a little more a drama than a superhero film with a good dose of action. Christian Bale makes a pretty good Batman with a supporting cast of Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson.

5. A graphic novel comes to life in Hilda, the story of a girl who has to grapple with some rather unusual critters and invisible people who are trying to ruin her happy life in the wilderness. Hilda (and Y7) but not the usual banal fare that I usually end up watching with kids. 

4) 5 Fun Quizzes to Take: 

1. TestColor gauges your personality based on your color choices. Interesting, no? According to TestColor I am introverted, cautious, and creative. What about you? 

2. Discover which Pixar character fits your personality based on the sweets that you choose. Apparently, I\’m Joy from Inside Out because… chocolate. Haha! 

3. Do you know the author who wrote each novel beginning with the letter \”F?\” I only got 70% correct because I only knew the \”old\” books (pretty typical)… Can you beat my score? 

4. Can you guess these classic TV shows by their opening screenshot?  Unlike the \”F\” books, I only missed one… Thank you, Nick at Nite!

5. Have you ever thought about attempting a stint on Jeopardy? Well, no pressure because they have an interesting practice test. (By the way, the actual Adult Test is available until April 30th, too!)

 5) 5 Things to do Outside: 

1. Photograph nature. Spring is here (achoo!) but if you grab or phone or that camera gathering dust in the closet, there are some gorgeous things to capture!

2. Organize a \”block party.\” Essentially, social distancing is still very, very necessary but a bunch of neighbors sitting on their respective driveways or curbs to enjoy the fresh air and converse from a safe distance is a lot of fun.

3. Plant that garden that you\’ve always wanted. Fresh veggies in the summer sound great!

4. Stargazing can be a blast. I love to use a sky chart to try and figure out what constellations or planets are visible. A great \”homeschool\” moment with an excuse to stay up a little late, too. 

5. Decorate the sidewalk. We used to love this as kids! Drawing with chalk or even just playing hopscotch (at the prescribed \”social distance,\” of course!) If you have little ones or nieces and nephews, you can teach \’em how it\’s done. 

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend and stay well!

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