Movie Monday: Happy Birthday, Doris Day!

Happy Monday, all! It\’s April and Friday (April 3rd) would have been Doris Day\’s 98th birthday. Doris was born in 1922 and really established herself as a singer and an actress. In later years, she added activist to her list. The native of Cincinnati, Ohio has 39 films, her own television show, and countless credits for her music under her belt. 

Day\’s partnership with Rock Hudson and Tony Randall appeared in a couple of films although Pillow Talk is probably one of my favorite. Sidekick Tony Randall makes everything better, too!

The Plot: In 1959, the era of party lines, Brad Allen (Rock Hudson) shares a line with Jan Morrow (Day). Brad is a songwriter by day and womanizer by night who regularly annoys Jan with his phone antics. After Jan lodges a complaint against \”Mr. Allen,\” Brad embarks on a plan to lure her into an affair. As it turns out Brad\’s friend Jonathan (Tony Randall) has other intentions toward Jan Morrow and things get a little complicated!

Why You Should Watch: Although released in 1959, Pillow Talk may as well be a study in the 1960s Rom-Com cinema. You will notice more innuendo and more \”progressive\” relationships (i.e. Randall\’s character who was married multiple times). This is all juxtaposed with a not-so-modern fixture of the party line. Very interesting!

Then there\’s all the Rom-Com hijinks that make them hilarious and ridiculous all at once: Rock Hudson playing two characters to try to manipulate Doris Day. The multiple divorcee Tony Randall looking for another wife. Doris\’s sharp-tongued housekeeper played by Thelma Ritter. Also, Hudson\’s apartment could be a character in itself!

Most Quotable: \”I\’ve had hangovers before, but this time, even my hair hurts.\” and Jan: \”He was a perfect gentleman.\” Brad: \”That\’s even worse than I thought.\”

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