Movie Monday: The Girls From Upper Sandusky

Happy Monday! April continues with Doris Day and I couldn\’t wait to share my absolute favorite of her films: That Touch of Mink! Cary Grant, Gig Young, Audrey Meadows, and John Astin make this gem a real comedic treat from 1962. This film is what I think of anytime someone mentions Sandusky, Ohio or Asbury Park.  

That Touch of Mink was eventually nominated for best screenplay and direction. It\’s also funny to know that 1962 was the year that Doris Day and Rock Hudson received Golden Globes as The Most Popular Stars in the World! Quite a distinction, huh? 

The Plot: It\’s the story of a wealthy playboy who hypnotizes the naive young woman with his charm and lifestyle. Cathy Timberlake (Day) is nearly rundown by Philip Shayne\’s (Grant) limo in an event that will take her on a whirlwind tour of Philadelphia, the Yankees\’ dugout, Bermuda, and Asbury Park, New Jersey. Things get a little dicey in Bermuda when Cathy realizes that Philip\’s intentions are nowhere near her visions of marriage and a family. 

Why You Should Watch: There\’s plenty of Rom-Com hijinks in That Touch of Mink: hilarious misunderstandings and a hair-brained scheme that includes riding in a poultry truck to Al\’s Motel in Asbury Park for a \”date\” with John Astin\’s character. The dry wit of Cary Grant contrasted with neurotic Gig Young and creepy John Astin is a great trio. Audrey Meadows also shines as Doris Day\’s roommate and voice of reason. 

The glimpse of an Automat, early sorting machines and the 1960s fashion are also worth the watch. Just a little jaunt back in history!

Most Quotable: \”You\’re even worse than she said!\” / \”Well we\’ll try three or four if that doesn\’t work out, we\’ll breed poodles.\” /  \”He said we could use the burner in his kitchen to heat up the TV dinners. We\’re having haddock.\” / \”You don\’t know the girls from Upper Sandusky!\” 


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4 thoughts on “Movie Monday: The Girls From Upper Sandusky

  1. As you mentioned Sandusky Ohio at the beginning of the post, I want to clarify that Upper Sandusky is 50 miles up river from Sandusky, up river as the Sandusky flows north. Upper, as it is known, was the last home of the Wyandot Indiana before they were driven West on the Trail of Tears. It is also where several scenes from the Shawshank Redemption were filmed. Just wanted to make that distinction. Now I'm going to go watch A Touch of Mink…


  2. I am watching That Touch of Mink right now and was surprised to hear her say she was from Upper Sandusky. I actually live 30 mins south of Upper and had to Google the movie quote to see if I could find any information about it, which led me to this post. One of the great things about the internet!


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