5 Things: Cabin Fever Week 5

Happy Friday! Or is it Thursday, Sunday, or Tuesday? Yes, all the days are definitely melding together. Not that your introverted friend is complaining, of course. Working from home has been a particular blessing during allergy season!

Well, regardless of your thoughts on isolation, hopefully, you all had a great week! Now, it\’s time to kick back and check out \”5 Things\” that you could find intriguing and inspiring. Enjoy!

1)  Here\’s your weekly dose of cuteness: At the Oregon Zoo, Nacho the Penguin is out and about meeting some marine mammals. I do wonder if the animals will be unhappy once the zoos open again and their peace and quiet is all over.  
2) After reading a review of the film Yesterday, I was determined to see it. Of course, nearly a year later, I finally got around to it. If you haven\’t seen it yet and you are a fan of the Beatles, this is a must-watch. Essentially a young musician wakes up after an accident to a reality where the Beatles, and a few other notable things, never existed. Brilliantly written and Himesh Patel was exceptional as the main character. Totally worth the watch! Note: You can rent Yesterday from Redbox.

3) A friend very kindly made me aware of the Metropolitan Opera On Demand! Watch the operas that you want when you want. Yes, please! If opera isn\’t quite your speed, Andrew Lloyd Webber has authorized the live-streaming of some of his full-length musicals. Both are wonderful ways to get a little culture in your life… and very possibly \”Masquerade\” stuck in your head for the next three days.

4) This week the CIA released a study on the \”Psychology of Espionage.\” It\’s a lengthy read but a good one if you\’re interested in the topic. I can also recommend a great book: Circle of Treason about Aldrich Ames (one infamous mole) written by the very women who caught him.

5) If you\’re looking to spice up (or restart) your workout routine, Fitness Blender is a great channel on YouTube. They have a variety of options for different levels and abilities. The videos on YouTube are all free but you can support the team by purchasing workout programs or gear on their website.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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