Movie Monday: I just blew in from the Windy City…

Happy Monday! Our April birthday-girl Doris Day was quite the songstress and so it only seemed fitting to share one of her best musicals: Calamity Jane. 

The Plot: As with the real Calamity Jane, Day\’s character is an obnoxious \”tomboy\” who likes to exaggerate her escapades. Likely, this is where the similarities end. The story highlights a rivalry between Jane and Wild Bill Hickock (Howard Keel) and an attempt to make Jane into a \”lady.\” 

Why You Should Watch: Calamity Jane really show\’s Doris Day\’s comedic timing. She plays a frontierswoman who sings and tells tall tales. It just works. Not to mention that the chemistry between Day and Keel is pretty fantastic! 

The Best Song: \”The Windy City\” is the catchiest tune of the musical with the most clever lyrics. Be forewarned that this one is likely to get stuck in your head anytime that you return from Chicago… funny how it works that way!

The track \”Secret Love\” won an Academy Award but \”The Windy City\” seems more in keeping with the actual Calamity Jane. 

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