5 Things: Cabin Fever Edition Week 7

Happy Friday and Happy May! Hopefully, you all had a great week even if that meant there were some DIY failures and obstacle courses. Perhaps the DIY failure was also an obstacle course at your house? Haha!

Things around here are finally settling in a little. The second week of Babbo\’s treatments has gone well. Thank you all for the prayers! Also, the computer monitors that I ordered at the end of March for my home office finally arrived. Things seem to be moving along as I\’ve also dodged two rounds of furloughs/layoffs at work now. It would have been a little weird to get the monitors for work after I got laid-off, anyway!

Well, hopefully, things are running at a fairly smooth cadence by now for you as well. At least it\’s Friday, am I right? Time to check out \”5 Things\” to escape for a bit and maybe inspire you as well. Enjoy!

1) All I can say is that New Kids on the Block (and a bunch of famous friends) did a fantastic job with their song \”House Party\” (quarantine edition). Love, love!

2) For seven weeks we\’ve dealt with this pandemic and it does beg the consideration of what the world is going to look like afterward. Dr. Phil McGraw talks about this and more in the latest episode of his podcast called \”Moving Forward by Being Adaptive, Agile, and Creative.\” A fantastic listen if you have the time.

3) The podcast Pessimists Archive had an equally appropriate episode called \”The Good That Comes From a Pandemic.\” Certainly, the desire is not to downplay the rampant loss of life and livelihood around the globe. It\’s just nice to know that there are good things to come from this situation. Also, yes, yes, yes please to more telemedicine in the future!

4) This week I finally saw the original Angels in the Outfield (1951) and it was adorable! The 50\’s version follows the short-tempered manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates who makes a deal with some heavenly ballplayers. I have fond memories of going with my whole family to see the 1994 remake at the theater. So, it was nice to see the film on which the Danny Glover/Tony Danza version was based.

5) Lastly, I wanted to share one of the neatest things to happen this week: the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels are doing flyovers together to honor first responders and medical professionals. Check out the awesome cockpit video, too. Holy cow!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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