5 Things: Euro Eclipse Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least have some fun plans for the weekend. Also, hopefully, my US friends, you will have some combination of a barbecue and pleasant company to look forward to. While social distancing, of course. Don\’t forget the sunscreen and plenty of water… it\’s going to be so hot!

Well, even if your only plans this weekend are to indulge in some extra sleep followed by copious amounts of Netflix, we\’ve made it through the week. Friday is finally here! Time to shuck off those sweaty flip-flops, angle the air conditioning vents just right, and check out \”5 Things\” to get you through to quitting time. Enjoy!

1) Last Friday night I needed a good laugh (rough week) and logged into Netflix. Lo and behold, there\’s Will Ferrell to the rescue with his new comedy. Ferrell and Rachel McAdams star as a pair of friends from Iceland (who don\’t think that they\’re related… running joke) whose musical act makes it to the Eurovision competition. It\’s pretty dang hilarious in Ferrell\’s usual style complete with outlandish costumes fit for the greatest Eurovisioners, elves, and the specter of Demi Lovato. If you\’ve never seen the actual Eurovision competition, here are two of my favorites from this year\’s entries: Ben&Tan from Denmark and the fabulous group The Mamas from Sweden! Although your education would not be complete without one of the more \”colorful\” acts as well. (I\’ve been doing that dance in the living room this week… hilarious!)

2) Dare you not to smile: This joyfully dancing baby is by far the cutest thing that I have seen this week! It looks like someone is ready to join in her cultural powwows already.

3) It looks like face masks are the fashion statement that is here to stay. USA Today curated a list of their faves if you still need backups… or backups for your backups. Unsurprisingly, Athleta\’s made the top of the list (one of my coworkers swears by them) but they are on backorder. Insert sad face followed by trying to wait patiently face.

4) Mark Wahlberg\’s allergy test just struck my funny bone this week. It\’s nice to know that other people can relate to the breadth of allergic reactions. Sigh. I\’m going to break out that photo anytime someone asks me why I don\’t go hiking or play with their cat.

5) And guess what? We can look forward to a lunar eclipse late July 4th into early July 5th this year. Photographing the night sky is one of my favorite things although also one of the things that I am worst at capturing with my camera. The absolute worst. This time, I\’ll be using these helpful tips from Photography Life. Hopefully, that will make all the difference!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Happy Birthday, America!

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