5 Things: Tupperware Alexa Romance Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the folks in an Albuquerque neighborhood who were treated to surprise \”packages\” from one of the cutest kids ever. Just the right kind of thing to brighten one\’s day when things are so wacky around the world! Also, I hope that he really does work for UPS when he\’s older. The job has great benefits and he seems like he\’d be a delightful delivery driver. Alliteration intended!

Well, even if you didn\’t get a pleasant surprise at your door (including the face masks that you ordered a month ago and forgot about) this week, it is Friday. It\’s a glorious day to look back and wonder how we survived the week with relative sanity and good humor. AND it\’s time to check out \”5 Things\” to kick off the weekend. Enjoy!

1) Someone needs to tell Jo Koy that it\’s not just a Filipino thing. Haha! As a child of the 1980s, I can definitely relate to this. At the time Tupperware was a little pricey and really only available at Tupperware \”parties\” that did not sound like much fun. (Sorry, multi-level marketing pals, I\’m not a party person with or without sales pitches.) I do still reuse quite a few plastic containers. It\’s good for the environment, right?

2) Unsurprisingly, Alexa is getting quite a workout during the age of coronavirus. Amazon reports that skills usage increased by 65% and there was even a spike in recipe requests that exceeded Thanksgiving numbers. The most surprising/amusing thing? Alexa, that saucy minx, has received somewhere in the ballpark of a million marriage proposals and declarations of love. The girl\’s got some major game!

3) Well, we call all stop saying \”when there\’s pink snow in Europe\” in the vein of \”when pigs fly.\” Maybe I should have gone with \”don\’t eat the pink snow?\” So many pink snow jokes, so little time!

4) There is nothing like a Southern grandma\’s biscuits fresh out of the oven. Even in the summertime! Thanks to Grandma Pat, we have a fabulous recipe and a great video to enjoy.

5) The StoryCorps Podcast had a super-cute episode this week titled \”A Reason to Smile.\” And you will probably smile from all the warm fuzzies. Great stories about some charming couples and how they met!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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