5 Things: Hoppy Dance Edition


Happy Friday and a very Happy Birthday to Mum! Hope you all had a great week like when you catch up with an old friend and the conversation flows as though you\’ve never been apart. (Isn\’t that just the best?) That is one of the plusses of quarantine; old friends coming out of the woodwork to \”check-in.\” Wouldn\’t you agree?
Well, even if things didn\’t quite go your way this week and the only person you heard from was that salesperson who bugs you on the regular, it is Friday! Time to kick back and check out a fabulous \”5 Things\” to get you through to the weekend. Enjoy!

2) Joffrey Ballet posted a great Zoom choreography session on Instagram this week. Take a \”dance break\” to enjoy a very creative piece with some clever editing involved as well. When people ask what the arts are doing to stay relevant during and after COVID-19, I send them videos like this. Although there aren\’t ticket sales and theaters right now, the arts are always flexible and creative. Examples like this video are case and point that the arts are going to continue on while using the tools available at the moment!

3) Speaking of how the world has changed, fashion has changed for quarantine. According to NPR, the \”house dress\” is just what you need right now. I like the idea of something comfortable and casual that doesn\’t involve Yoga pants. Of course, I\’m one of the few who does go to the office and wears my usual to work. What do you think? Or have you already indulged in house dresses? 
4) A 14,000-year-old find in Siberia yielded an interesting look into wooly rhinos? It\’s always interesting to see how much we still don\’t really know about what went on around the world all those years ago. And it\’s good that people are willing to go to Siberia to find these things while the rest of us stay warm! 
5) And here are some interesting tidbits on how tea affects your body. You know me; always looking for ways to vindicate myself for drinking tea instead of coffee. Haha!
Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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