5 Things: Lightning Cuteness Edition


Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week despite the ramping up of political ads. (November can\’t come quickly enough in my view!) I thought that I was safe not having air or cable TV but now the ads are invading my internet viewing. Ack!

Well, even so, we have come to Friday. (Woot woot!) It is time to look with promise toward a weekend where you probably don\’t have to go to your child\’s sports practice on Saturday morning… And you can check out \”5 Things\” to get you through your Friday as well. Enjoy!

1) The YouTube algorithm has decided that I need more baby wolves in my life. Not that I\’m complaining, of course, because they are stinking adorable! Check out this cutie at the San Diego Zoo AND this sweet face who happens to have hiccups. You know that you needed some cuteness overload this week and you\’re welcome!

2) Regardless of your political views, I think that you\’ll appreciate the \”Mean Tweets\” videos from TV meteorologist turned senate candidate Mark (Wrongchetti) Ronchetti. He has a good sense of humor and ropes in daughter Ella into the fun. I especially like these videos because I\’m sure it\’s hard to see people really mean things about your dad on the internet. Great parenting tactic here discussing the mean comments and poking a little fun. 

3) I thought that I was clever making \”spinach eggs\” until I saw the actual recipe on Epicurious. So, no, I didn\’t invent the idea but I do highly recommend it. It\’s a simple and filling breakfast with a serving of veg. Win-win!

4) A couple who was brave enough to get married in 2020 (as you well-know by now, it\’s been A YEAR already) has one more thing to add to their memorable day. While I\’m sure it was scary, it\’s also a great cocktail party story and a tale for the grandkids! And, as Babbo would say, they were married at the end of it so the wedding was a success. Truer words were never spoken.

5) Penguin Random House wants to make sure that you have a good summer read to finish the month off right. My recommendation was TRUEL1F3 by Jay Kristoff. It\’s a surprise because sci-fi is not usually my thing but I might give it a go. You can never have too many books!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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