5 Things: Dance Ablaze Edition


Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least recognized (for my American friends, anyway) that it\’s Labor Day weekend with a bonus Monday off to sleep in or reminisce over those weekends that you complained about soccer practices and morning wedding ceremonies. 

Well, even if you do not get to enjoy a \”free\” Monday, it is universally Friday. That means it\’s time to sit back and check out the cool stuff in this week\’s \”5 Things.\” Enjoy, my friends! 

1) Alanis Morisette\’s latest song \”Ablaze\” was recently published in an adorable video with the whole family involved. It\’s a beautiful tribute and promise to her children. Love, love, love! 

2) You may need a tissue for this one: 75 years later, a Holocaust survivor meets one of his liberators at a VJ Day celebration. The photojournalist who had the assignment to cover the celebration said that this story \”stole the spotlight.\” That\’s not hard to believe.  

3) LL Cool J and Chris O\’Donnell will be executive producing a new dance competition TV show for CBS. \”Come Dance With Me\” will pair dancer hopefuls with their non-dancer supporters. I am curious to see what this looks like. What about you?

4) According to Business Insider, #AmazonDriverHacks may include hanging your phone in a tree? True story: to become more competitive for assignments, the drivers may use multiple cell phones or even hang their cell phones in trees to appear closer to delivery jobs. Both clever and a little reminiscent of the \”rabbit ears\” TV antennae years…

5) Sometimes it\’s not what you do but what you don\’t do that is the most memorable… 

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful (loooong) weekend, everyone!

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