5 Things: Talented Young-uns Edition


Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the young drummer who got her very own theme song from none other than Dave Grohl! The Foo Fighters frontman enlisted the help of his three daughters for one of the cutest things that you\’ll see all week. 

Well, even if you didn\’t get your own theme song from a talented bassist/drummer/guitarist/vocalist, it is Friday! Time to look forward to all the possibilities of a weekend. We can (mostly) all agree that\’s a good thing, right? Ah, yes, and it\’s also time to check out \”5 Things\” to make your Friday go a little faster. Enjoy!  

1) What if your GPS\’ voice matched your car? Sidenote: I couldn\’t come up with anything clever for my car although Timothy Dalton\’s voice would be on my wishlist for GPS voices. I\’d pay extra for that little perk! What type of GPS voice would go with your vehicle or what celebrity would you prefer?

2) The word \”charming\” comes to mind when describing this episode of the Criminal podcast. It\’s all about kids who played detective or helped in an investigation in some way. I know that the kids in your life will love it, too!

3) I LOVE risotto. Unfortunately, the white Arborio rice isn\’t all that healthy so it\’s one of my \”splurges\” for special occasions or cold nights when I need some comfort food. I was interested to learn this week that there are healthier alternatives for a \”risotto experience.\” (I\’m under no delusions that it will taste exactly like my regular risotto.) Brown rice makes the list as do oats. 

4) Check out an oddly mesmerizing sight: Hummingbirds flying through waterfalls. Apparently, this is all part of a study about various winged creatures fording the hazards of falling water. It also turned out to be rather artistic. 

5) You know that you want to kill a little time taking a \”tricky\” IQ test, don\’t you? 

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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