5 Things: Masked Error Pathetique Edition


Happy Friday and Happy Fall! Hope you all had a great week like the eight-year-old who got a \”hero arm.\” (Adorable!) It\’s so cool to see him playing with confidence. Great story!

Well, even if you didn\’t enjoy a heartwarming occurence this week, it is Friday! I hope that you\’ll take a few minutes to enjoy some cool stuff to get you through to the weekend. Enjoy!

1) This week, The Piano Guys launched a new song combining Lauren Daigle\’s \”You Say\” and \”Sonata Pathetique.\” It\’s a beautiful arrangement that will definitely make a calming soundtrack for your Friday. Somehow I was awake and got to watch the video just as it posted. That almost never happens! 

2) The new season of The Masked Singer aired on Wednesday just in time for fall. Woohoo! It\’s already a strong season although the voting audience sadly voted off the great Busta Rhymes. (What the heck, guys?!) Surprisingly, there\’s a duet this season, The Owls, who sound like a famous musical couple to me. Hmmmm! I also have a sneaking suspicion that The Sun is Christina Aguilera. We\’ll see if my opinion changes…

3) Check out a totally engrossing, new-ish podcast from FX called Morally Indefensible. (The nice thing about coming late to the game is being able to listen to all the episodes at once, or so I always say.) Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald was convicted of murdering his wife and daughters in 1979. When he and journalist Joe McGuiness team up to tell the \”true\” story, things go south really quickly. This is one heck of a true crime story complicated by a tell-all book. The companion TV show, A Wildnerness of Error, premiers today (September 25th) and will be availble to stream on Hulu the morning after each new episode.  

4) Check out a super-cool article about retired racehorse Portal! The best part is seeing such a beautiful horse get a chance at a comfortable life after a career-ending injury.

5) And you know that you needed to see some \”Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies.\” Am I right? These babies would make a nice treat while you sit down for coffee (or tea) with your loved ones. Yummy!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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