5 Things: Baking Quake Edition


Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the sweet family who had a special reunion recently. It\’s a great reminder that we still have servicemen and women overseas to pray for. I can\’t imagine what a crazy year it has been for them as well!

Well, even if your week wasn\’t quite so sweet, we\’ve survived in time for Friday! Two days away from evil work printers and system issues are worth it in my view. So, take a break and check out \”5 Things\” to intrigue and amuse your way through to the weekend. Enjoy!

1) An earthquake had some terrible timing this week in the middle of the Icelandic Prime Minister\’s interview! I can\’t imagine the level of control that it took to deal with your house shaking while also trying to answer interview questions. Well, now we know that Iceland has a lot more in common with California than previously thought!

2) Speaking of rocking (Earthquakes rocking. Get it?), The Flaming Lips did some rocking of their own with full social distancing measures in place. Both the audience and the band were in bubbles! Definitely, a clever idea to help people get out and do something novel during the craziness that is 2020.  

3) Letters of Love is an organization that pairs willing letter-writers with elders who can use a little TLC. As you probably know, our elderly populations are the most isolated right now. Even if they live in a care home, it\’s likely that family and friends haven\’t been able to visit since March. Consider writing letters if you have the time!

4) The new season of The Great British Baking Show has inspired writer Brian Phillips of The Ringer to suggest (nay, demand) some changes to save the BBC show. You can tell that a lot of folks are taking the time to binge-watch the series on Netflix because even The Atlantic is ruminating on the show although with more fondness. Frankly, I prefer Cohen\’s take. It\’s just a nice thing to escape to a world where the worst thing happening is a \”soggy bottom\” or your fellow contestant inadvertently elbowing your pastries. The show\’s competitors are also normal and kind… just the kind of people that we need more of right now!

5) Speaking of binge-watching, I\’ve been trying to get my money\’s worth out of Amazon Prime Video this week. One of the films suggested for me, The Innocents, sent me down one of those research rabbit holes. The film is based on the diaries of a French Red Cross doctor serving in post-WWII Warsaw. Although the war is over for most of the country, a cloister of Benedictine nuns is left with devastating aftereffects. Respectfully crafted, the film tells their story through the doctor\’s eyes.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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