Advent 2020: Day 11


Good morning and Happy Friday!

As you may (or may not) have gleaned by now, my family is Italian-American. Our holiday traditions always had some element of our roots including lasagna and a braciole alongside traditional American favorites like turkey or ham. 

We weren\’t \”all\” Italian or American in many ways. For example, I had no idea what the Italian (Roman Catholic) \”Feast of the Seven Fishes\” was all about until I was almost thirty. Not to mention that I lack understanding of the American obsession with green bean casserole

Another Italian tradition that I\’d not heard of until adulthood is the panettone loaf. Literally translated as \”luxury bread,\” panettone is a combination of a brioche-like bread with dried fruit distributed throughout. Think fruitcake but much more pleasant and delicious with a smear of butter!

It was exciting to discover a new tradition that included carbs and actually isn\’t terribly difficult to execute (just a little time-consuming). Check out Chef John\’s Panettone recipe video (you can find the text here). Of course, buying it in that cool giftbox is always acceptable as well. Yum!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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