Advent 2020: Day 18


Good morning and Happy Bake Cookies Day!

If you\’ve followed this blog for a little while, you\’ll know that my family enjoys an annual \”Cookie Baking Day\” to honor the memory of my grandmother who was a master of home baking. Sadly, this year it seemed like a better idea to forego the cookie day to make sure that everyone stays healthy. Of course, I wanted to share some time-honored and some newer Christmas \”cookie\” (some technically aren\’t cookies) traditions of the family. 

The Cucidati (fig cookies) and Thumbrint Cookies are the varieties that I would make most often with my sweet Nana. Her recipe was carefully scribed while following my Sicillian great-grandmother who would make them at Christmas from memory. Often, the most challenging part of making cucidati was figuring out where to buy the actual dried figs!

Meanwhile, Linzer Tarts, Italian Rainbow Cookies, and Dark Chocolate Truffles were later additions by my aunts. The labor-intensive Italian Rainbow Cookies are a special treat when time allows. Although, I am sorry to say that they have not impressed the general public. My sister took them to a cookie competition one year and they lost spectacularly! Rest assured, that they are absolutely worth the trouble if you like the combination of chocolate, raspberry, and almond paste. My mouth is watering, already!

The Chocolate Chip Snowballs are a variation on the cookies that Mum makes (she uses a Hershey\’s Kiss in the middle). I can remember rolling balls of dough with her in the kitchen and the smell of these babies when they are just about ready to come out of the oven. Yum! These are probably the most fun to make with children… well, perhaps tied with the truffles. Both recipes are very satisfying and an excuse to get a little messy. 

Hopefully the list gives you some fun inspiration for your own cookie baking this year. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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