If someone really wants to understand you, what three books should they read?


Good morning! Hope that you all had a great weekend. If not great, at least a restful one! 

Question: If someone really wants to understand you, what three books should they read?

Answer: I love that someone submitted this question (thank you!) BUT I hate having to limit myself to three books. Although three is a good number, I\’ll admit. It\’s better than two… or one. Okay! Here it goes… 

The first one is probably the Bible. (If not the whole Bible, at least the New Testament.) It\’s a huge part of and inspiration for my life. From spiritual practice to literary illusions, the book is just part of my \”language.\” 

Then, definitely Jane Austen\’s Pride and Prejudice. The book is an incredible piece of literature filled with humor and some of the best dynamic characters ever created. Austen\’s writing in Pride and Prejudice is the level of quality that I aspire to. Not to mention that I quote it… A LOT.

Choosing a third is so hard! For now, I\’m going with The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye. The book is fairy tale-esque in the best of ways. Princess Amy receives an unusual \”gift\” on the day of her christening: ordinariness. Unlike her blond and delicate sisters, she\’s just that. When her parents decide to arrange her marriage, Amy flees to live life on her own terms. Master storyteller M.M. Kaye created a fairy tale for \”ordinary girls\” and it\’s fabulous!

Please tell me your top three books in the comments below and definitely submit your thought-provoking questions.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! 

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