5 Things: Exodus Kitty Edition


Happy Friday! Hope that you all had a great week and weren\’t blindsided by the fact that January is almost over. Holy moly! Maybe February will mean an end to the random snow storms that keep popping up in this neck of the woods. It has been a strange winter. 

Well, fortunately, Friday is upon us. That means it\’s time to check out \”5 Things\” to prep you for your weekend. Enjoy!

1) CNBC recently featured an interesting mini-documentary on California\’s \”mass exodus.\” I had heard about Tesla founder Elon Musk\’s recent move to Texas but wasn\’t clear on the other details. During the pandemic, I have seen a lot of people moving to my city from California (inadvertently driving up the price of homes). Now knowing that this is a trend, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Are people from California (or any other place) moving to your area en masse?

2) The Piano Guys are celebrating 10 years of awesome music with a fun video! I\’m not sure if I\’ve been listening/watching for all 10 years but it\’s been awhile. The group\’s creativity and joy are contagious. 

3) One of Wondry\’s newest podcasts called The Apology Line has become incredibly engrossing. The phone line was founded by Allan Bridge in 1980 as an experiment for an art installation. It soon became a popular outlet for voyeurs and self-proclaimed criminals alike. One caller in particular became an obsession for Bridge. The podcast follows this strange relationship as told by Bridge\’s wife who saw this firsthand. Episodes 1-3 are currently available with new episodes published on Tuesdays.

4) Last year, my family blew my mind by making lasagna with homemade pasta sheets for my birthday. You\’d think that we would delve into homemade pasta in general more often but it\’s just easy to buy a box of Barilla and boil it. (Except with lasagna, the homemade stuff was way easier!) This Leafy Green Pasta recipe from Real Simple has piqued my interest. I can\’t wait to give it a try… already plotting homemade sauce and meatballs. Okay, I\’m already hungry!

5) I LOVE this Hello Kitty coloring book! There are multiple contributors who created scenes from Hello Kitty and her fellow Sanrio pals in a variety of adorable scenes. After buying one for my niece\’s birthday, I decided that I needed one. Talk about some good art therapy with some glitter gel pens! Putting on some music to just get lost in coloring has been a nice way to wind down at the end of the day. See one of the pages below:

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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