Lent 2021: Day 7


Good morning!

Today, I wanted to share the absolute best advice that ever came from a Disney movie (although this is a tissue alert!): The words \”Have courage and be kind\” have stuck with me so long after seeing the 2015 live-action version of Cinderella. I love the concept of telling one\’s young daughter to be strong and yet also see that she treats others well. Brilliant!

Sitting here to write this, I came to another conclusion. It does take courage to be kind in this world. From my own experience, it became clear at a young age that people see kindness as weakness. Perhaps even something to exploit. Running into this pattern time and again can harden a heart. People learn to be the aggressor rather than be taken advantage of. 

Today, I hope that you\’ll join me in mustering up the courage to be kind. Even in the face of the unkind. We cannot allow these things to change who we are or to affect the world around us. Kindness is much more powerful and much more contagious. Let\’s keep it going!

Today\’s Kindness Challenge is: Write a positive review online for a locally-owned business. (You know, that one that you really like and you keep forgetting to review?)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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