Lent 2021: Day 34


Good morning!

The Quaker missionary Stephen Grellet grew up in affluence in 1770\’s France. He narrowly escaped his death sentence during the French Revolution and made his way across \”The Pond\” to the young country known as The United States of America. 

After converting to Quakerism, Grellet became a seemingly-tireless missionary. He traveled much of North America and Europe in his work. Over the years, he cared for patients of yellow fever, brought to light a need for prison reform, and spoke out against slavery. 

Of his writings, the quote below sticks with me the most. He wisely speaks of the need for kindness when the opportunity presents itself. We never know when we\’ll have another chance to show someone the care and kindness that they may need.

Today\’s Kindness Challenge is: Post encouraging messages outside of a cancer or dialysis treatment center for patients and staff.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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