5 Things: Exotic Minke Edition


Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the great-grandmother who received her college diploma over the weekend at the age of 78. What a cool lady! No doubt she\’s a cool role model to her family as well as to the rest of us. Would that we all could be that sharp and motivated at 78-years-old. 

Well, even if your week didn\’t include an exciting milestone, we\’ve reached Friday! That\’s still pretty exciting. Right? And you know that means time to check out \”5 Things\” while you wait for the weekend to formally arrive. Enjoy!

1) The almighty YouTube algorithm decided to drop the channel Tribal People Try into my suggestions this week and it\’s definitely a charming way to pass the time. This video with the lovely people receiving Christmas gifts was very moving to me. Tissue alert! It\’s humbling to see them so well-pleased with things that we have access to every day and inevitably take for granted. There\’s also a good bit of education about their culture. Just a neat idea for a YouTube channel to broaden our worldviews and touch our hearts. *sniffle*

2) A young Minke whale decided to take advantage of the loosening travel restrictions and head up the Thames this week. The article describes the breed of whale as \”inquisitive\” which may explain why it decided to travel so far from home. Sadly, the creature did not survive the journey. 

3) Check out this 12-year-old Lego master! Definitely a talented kid. And now I want to go buy a set of Legos…

4) Forbes\’ Ann Abel recently dubbed Albuquerque \”America\’s Most Exotic Big City.\” Having lived here for quite a few years now, I never really used the word \”exotic\” to describe this city. She definitely has some good points, though. There is so much unique culture embedded into the character the Duke City that it is unlike any city that I\’ve ever been to. The Native American, Mexican, and purely \”New Mexican\” all meld with some very interesting American history. Okay, okay, it\’s exotic!

5) Lastly, I hope that you\’ll also enjoy reading about an inspiring janitor turned teacher. Talk about personal drive! That\’s definitely the kind of role model that we all need. 

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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