5 Things: Father of All Toys Edition

Happy Friday! Hope that you all had a great week like the folks who will benefit from a generous fellow veteran. The guy was offered a cool $3 million and turned it down to help veterans struggling with addiction, instead. Talk about addressing a need and being incredibly generous in the process.

You’ve probably noted that things look a tad different around here (again!). The Ajennda made a little relocation this week to a new platform! All the same stuff, just shifted to a new host that can handle the website traffic a little better. Good things!

Speaking of good things… it’s FRIDAY!! You know that means it’s time to crank up that AC, grab a glass of H20 (or lemonade, no judging here), and check out another “5 Things.” Enjoy!

  1. In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a “Dad Press Conference” for your enjoyment! This is your reminder that Father’s Day is Sunday. Don’t forget to call your dad or fatherly person in your life. 🙂

2) Meet the Episcopal priest who also happens to be a legit rocket scientist. As in she is a member of NASA’s Mars Rover tactical team. There’s just something cool about a person of faith also working in a scientific field. These things can coexist quite easily but we don’t hear about it often enough. Well, in my opinion at least!

3) Even though it didn’t seem possible, Jane Austen’s family just got cooler. Austen’s brother, the Rev. Henry Thomas Austen, was involved in the abolitionist movement. It’s also well-documented that Austen herself was concerned about human rights in general.

4) Do you have the self-discipline to make a 150-Hour Chocolate Cake? The video is incredibly well-produced and it does look delicious. However, I can’t imagine a reason why I wouldn’t go with a simpler alternative. Even for Father’s Day. (Sorry, Babbo!) I mean, you kind of want to eat the thing within 24 hours. Maybe you can tell me why it’s worth the wait and you shouldn’t just cave and eat the mousse with a spoon?

5) Lastly, if you have Amazon Prime, it is totally worth checking out James May’s Toy Stories. He delves into the history of such toys as Meccano and Lego with some larger than life experiments. Even Plasticine was incredibly interesting with a little help from the inventor’s family and an ancestor of Sigmund Freud!

Okay, that’s all for now. Happy Father’s Day to all you fatherly folks and have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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