5 Things: YouTube Odyssey Edition

Happy Friday and an early Happy Independence Day, America! Hope that you all had a great week. Please remember to keep the folks in Surfside, Florida in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. Dealing with that level of tragedy close to a holiday can’t be easy to say the least. I, personally, am praying that there are some miracles to report very soon!

This week was a YouTube week if you hadn’t already guessed. In addition to a news binge, I followed the YouTube algorithm wherever it chose to go. There were definitely some interesting things that came to light! So, I hope that you can pour a nice cold drink and check out “5 Things” of interest this week. Enjoy!

  1. Classical violinist Rob Landes does some cool stuff with music on his YouTube channel. This includes hiring musicians during the pandemic to play “impossible” music. It’s neat that he’s paying and promoting musicians who probably haven’t been able to work properly over the past year. It’s also neat that he does a KILLER cover of Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive!” Definitely one of those channels that you could watch for hours!

2) Dance photographer Jordan Matter has gone rogue! A lot of improvisation and hiding from cameras or security staff happening in this 24-hour challenge. There were beverages, a precarious railing, and a borrowed shirt all involved… Hilarious and gorgeous at the same time!

3) Can you guess a Marvel film just by watching one-second clips? Well, you’re about to find out! Let me know if you were able to beat my Marvel-obsessed nephew who correctly guessed all but one.

4) This guy went on a tour of North Korea in 2018 and documented it all. Well, what the government and his minders deemed appropriate, of course. It’s easy to forget that everything was heavily orchestrated. You can watch the entire series of videos here. One of the most interesting things was the natural beauty in the mountains, etc. With all the unpleasant things that go on there, it’s easy to forget that North Korea shares a border with the very beautiful South Korea.

5) The Mormon Stories Podcast slipped into my YouTube recommendations recently and I’m already a little hooked. I’m not Mormon but I’ve definitely enjoyed learning more about the religion as well as the decisions of many to question their belief system. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City episodes were particularly interesting. Heather and Dre were so candid and inspiring! It’s quite the commitment (few of the episodes are less than a few hours) but worth it if you’re curious to know more.

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool, northern hemisphere!

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