5 Things: Doc Until You Drop Edition

Happy Friday! Hope that you all had a great week like Quanesha Burks who went from working at McDonald’s to support her family to qualifying for the US Olympic Track Team! Don’t you just love a story where hard work and perseverance paid off? Wow!

Well, even if your hard work this week hasn’t been nationally, or even locally, recognized, you’ve achieved another Friday, my friends! And you know that means finding a comfortable spot to check out “5 Things” to get you through to the weekend. Enjoy!

  1. The 2020 documentary Erasing Family is definitely worth a watch if you or someone you know is going through a contentious divorce with children involved. There are great lessons here that the children need to be the priority and not our heated emotions.

2) Fellow fans of the show Leverage might be happy to see most of the old gang back together again in the reboot Leverage: Redemption. It is several years since the original show ended which means that some cast changes and the feel of the show is a tad different. It’s fun, anyway. The overall concept is great and still stands up!

3) A more unusual “rabbit hole dive” this week included the reason for World War I. That led to an interesting documentary about Kaiser Wilhelm II who had a rather tragic childhood. It’s very sad that he made the decisions that he did being the grandson of Queen Victoria.

4) One of my new favorite past times is looking at old houses. (You can see one of my favorites here.) Quite a few of them happen to be on the historical registry with some interesting legacies. Nearly all of them have some beautiful details that you just don’t find in houses that are built these days!

5) The website Visual Capitalist recently published an interesting infographic about the consumption of caffeine around the world. One surprise is South Korea’s preference for coffee over tea!

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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