5 Things: A Sicilian in Staten Edition

Happy (Black) Friday! Hope you had a great week like those folks who got to take home leftovers from grandma’s house. My sweet grandma is gone many years now but Mum made one of her famous pie recipes for that touch of nostalgia and, yes, there were leftovers!

Just a quick note: This is the last “5 Things” for 2021! But check in daily, starting Wednesday, December 1st, for the Advent series. Enjoy!

1) Saturday Night Live’s parody of “Walking in Memphis” titled “Walking in Staten” just tickled my funny bone this week. Mostly because it’s all true and Marc Cohn was such a good sport.

2) Sicilian grandmother party wisdom: Party first, clean later. I’m not sure if my grandma would have been quite on the same page (she was a notoriously neat person) but it was a lovely piece to read.

3) Did you know that the world was nearly treated to a Beatles-brand Lord of the Rings? Unsurprisingly, Tolkien himself was not on board with the idea. Can you just imagine what it would have looked like during their psychedelic years? Would you have allowed The Beatles to make your book into a film?

4) Looking for some Christmas films to binge over the weekend? Lifetime has graciously posted many of theirs for free on YouTube. All that love with the requisite happy ending for your viewing pleasure!

5) In this neck of the woods, we’re gearing up for our annual Christmas decoration day soon. That means scouring the internet for ideas over the past month. These 3D snowflakes look so cool! And so do these cupcake liners turned into a Christmas Tree garland. Can’t wait to give them a try!

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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