Advent 2021: Day 14

Good morning!

Laughter has been the secret sauce to get a lot of us through a pandemic and a bunch of other hardships that life throws our way. In my family, this also means that you have to have cultivated an ability to laugh at yourself or just life in general. We’re all a little funny or quirky at times thanks to the complexity of the human brain. Seeing this humor in life is a gift because it can take the edge off of tense or embarrassing situations.

We see this a lot online nowadays, the comedy specials and funny animal or baby videos are extremely popular. Laughter is good medicine for all of us once we’ve let our feelings of tension, anger, grief, frustration, etc. run their course.

Today I am thankful for the blessing of humor (even when it’s self-generated). What are you grateful for today?

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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