Advent 2021: Day 16

Good morning and happy “Chocolate-Covered Anything” day! (Yes, that’s a real thing.)

Over the past few years, our family has added homemade chocolate truffles to our Christmas cookie repertoire. (You can find a recipe here.) Simple (literally only three ingredients required) and delicious! Rolled in cocoa powder, sea salt, or sprinkles, the results are rather impressive.

It’s funny to think that a little bit of chocolate, vanilla extract, and whipping cream can make family memories. Making truffles with and for loved ones has become a simple pleasure. The steps are easy enough for the kids to join in with chocolate-y hands. Their smiles make the mess totally worth it. Being given permission to get that messy seems to shock them a little.

The few minutes of rolling truffles together is a bonding time. We laugh, joking about how many we’re going to eat or how messy our hands have gotten. And we have to taste test them, of course. Good confectioners always do!

Today I am thankful for chocolate. What are you grateful for today?

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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