Advent 2021: Day 17

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Well, it’s official: winter weather has arrived. It was a slow slide for this neck of the woods as opposed to last year when it snowed in early October. Now it’s beginning to look like December.

You know what’s great, though? A home with a working heater. If you’ve spent any time without heating, you know that a cold house can really wreak havoc. Sleeping isn’t as restful, your brain goes on autopilot to conserve energy, and odds are that you’ll be feeling under the weather. It’s pretty miserable.

But, when you can indulge in a cozy home while observing the weather from the safe distance of your window, it’s an amazing gift. Wouldn’t you agree?

Today I am grateful for functioning heaters. What are you thankful for today?

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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