5 Things: Cold Sauce of Kindness Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the neighbors in Pennsylvania who were treated to free snow shoveling. Major kudos to the team coach who came up with the idea. And kudos to the kids who went above and beyond to shovel more driveways than originally suggested. All-around a lovely story!

Well, even if you were shoveling your own driveway this week or pining for snow that never came, it is Friday. And you know that means it’s time to check out “5 Things” to make the weekend come a little faster. Enjoy!

1) A few years ago This American Life featured a story that really stuck with me. Long story short, a much-beloved local doctor seemed to flip almost overnight into someone entirely unrecognizable. He crashed his truck, left his wife, and even heinously murdered his own father. His replacement, coincidentally a doctor with the same last name, just couldn’t let this go. There had to be an explanation and he was determined to figure it out. And, as it happens, he did. This week, the show published the original story as well as an interesting update. Would that we all had such passionate advocates on our sides!

2) The story of Anne Frank and its tragic ending always left the question of who would have betrayed her family? It looks like a cold case investigation squad may have figured it out. While it is good to have some closure to the story, one can only hope that any of the betrayer’s surviving relatives will be spared blowback because his actions are now out in the open.

3) Just in case you were wondering, there is actually a study on which variety of hot sauce is most widely purchased by state in the USA. Unsurprisingly Siracha (which is delish) is an overwhelming favorite. Also, unsurprisingly, New Mexico likes to support one of its own. I’m more of a green chile sauce person but the state favorite from Bueno Foods is pretty tasty!

4) Just as it looks like we’re still in this virus thing for the even longer haul, there will be places to get free N95 masks as of next week. This article from CNBC gives some helpful information on where and how to differentiate types of masks.

5) And this author’s style of random acts of kindness is genius and incredibly effective. Can we all pledge to give it a try in the next week? Imagine the reach!

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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