A funny thing happened on Twitter…

It takes a lot to write a book and then even more of that energy to actually let someone read it. Then begins the task of garnering reviews. Understanding all too well that being a writer is an exhausting enterprise, I wanted to reach out and offer support.

Last week I asked for book recommendations from my fellow Indie Authors on Twitter. (It’s a truth universally acknowledged that an independent author must be active on Twitter.)

The result? The tweet received far more responses, likes, and retweets than I’d ever seen before. And I realized that a lot of Indie Authors could really use a boost in reviews and general advertising. So, in the coming weeks, months, and possibly years, I’ll be reviewing books from Indie Authors.

There were a few “parameters” to narrow down the list of more than 140 submissions: I should not have read the author’s work before, the book should have fewer than 10 written reviews, and I would need to be able to objectively read and review the book based on my own preferences.

Interestingly, most of these don’t fall into the genres that I usually read or write. Judging by many of the synopses, I might find some new genres to enjoy. So, I hope you’ll join me on this journey through books from a multitude of genres, countries, and cultures. There’s Romance, Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Poetry– dinosaurs, vampires, genetically modified felines, Muses, aliens– Memoirs, True Crime, Suspense, History– And that’s only a taste!

Now, excuse me while I charge up the Kindle and boil myself a cup of tea…

P.S. My book Just in Time has been reviewed by 7 lovely readers who found it quite tolerable. Please do me the honor of reading it and/or sharing it with your family and friends!

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